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This book has the power to change everything!

The Emotion Code Happiness ebook

The Emotion Code Happiness ebook

For some years now my wife and I have used an emotional release process that incorporates much of the same process as the Healing Code to help our adopted children recover from their emotional trauma experienced in childhood. The Healing code has proven a powerful tool in speeding up the process of releasing the blocked emotions that cause so much pain, heart ache and turmoil int their lives.

We have also used these methods to release emotions that are often the source of the physical pain that manifests itself in our bodies. Feelings buried alive never die, but that does not mean you have to go on suffering from the pain they cause forever. Releasing those emotions clears the path for healing to take place and new healthier paths can unfold for your life.

I would call this the short course to emotional release as it summarizes what you need to know to get the job done. My wife and I spent an entire year reading many books and and studying many ours. Not that I would trade away any of that, but this will get you there well enough without having to spend as much time to get there.

I highly recommend this book.


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  • Lidia Baldwin says:

    I thank Dr. Bradley Nelson for sharing this method of getting in touch with our subconcious mind.

    When I tried the method on myself my biggest suspicion was that my concious thoughts would influence my results. But they didn't. I assumed an emotion would be about a particular event, but my subconcious took me back to totally different memories.

    The only thing the book does not do is warn us that this method will truly makes us face ourselves and our true feelings, about ourselves and others. It is a door to personal growth and peace. It is an opportnity to forgive ourselves, love ourselves, and heal ourselves in places that we had forgotten about and levels that we cannot imagine.

    I do not know of anything else like this.

    I found this to be a very easy book to read. It is organised very well and takes the reader step by step, which I appreciate.

    I believe that Dr. Bradley has explained a very important thing very easily. He carefully and openly says he is not promising all-out-cures. He also points out what this can be used for, and what not.

    To do justice to it, one has to try it for themselves.

  • Jamie Shelton says:

  • Rafael Schroeder says:

    I could hardly put this book down! For those who wish to learn a simple technique for releasing hidden or trapped emotions, this is the quickest way that I have ever experienced. The book teaches you everything that you need to know to do this for yourself or for others with no expensive additional purchases necessary. The author recommends the use of a Nikken magnet to facilitate the process, but says that even a business card size refrigerator magnet would work effectively. I was so impressed with this book and the technique that it teaches that I sent out an e-mail to family and friends with a link back to so that they, too, can purchase this book and enjoy the benefits of greater health and peace of mind.

  • Seth Delgado says:

    The Emotion code is an excellant book for those wishing to heal themselves of emotional and physical problems. The process is explained very well and is very easy to learn. Once learned you can apply this method to yourself, others,even animals. All you really need is the book and a refrigerator magnet. I'm not joking about this. I have been an energy healer for over 25 years and this method really works fast and is so simple to use. Just go get the book.

  • Rick Rollins says:

    So interesting and intriguing, I read the entire book cover to cover in one sitting. Dr. Nelson's theories on healing the body just make sense. Our bodies are intelligent and know what they need to be healthy, we just need to know how to ask them, and Dr. Nelson's techniques make it so simple. This book is written in an easy-to-understand format, with lots of real-life experiences and testimonials. Clearly, Dr. Nelson sincerely wants to help people heal themselves and others. I highly recommend this book.

  • Rachel Gibbs says:

    I have tried the techniques in this book and found them to work beyond excellence. Several very emotional episodes in my life are now just memories instead of dropping me back into the emotions that I felt at the time of the incidents. I no longer feel anger or hurt as those memories come back and I can forgive the other person. It makes every day feel a little lighter and not so burdensome. A life free of emotional pain is what we all want. I recommend this book and the techniques to explore your own life and feel improvement with out the years of therapy and money given to some one else.

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