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They Never Told Me THIS In Church

They Never Told This Church

They Never Told This Church

Mr. Greg Deuble gave up his pastorate and spent 20 years researching answers to questions posed to him by Professor Anthony Buzzard ... tough questions about his belief structure. Deuble's search was not originally intended to be a book, just biblical answers for himself. However, as he shared his research work with others, everyone encouraged him to document it in a book. Eventually he did and this is the book.

The book is organized better than any other book I've read challenging religious traditions. Each chapter is so well written and documented that there is no need to even read them in order! The author does not bill this book as an academic book but his taking points are better documented than many academic books I have read on religious topics. His referenced citations are not intended to prove his points but intended to indicate that his radical views are not unique in Christendom. Many others have discovered that if Hebrew cultural definitions are applied to the New Testament and Christianity in general, one will develop a different faith from the common one most people know from attending typical churches. That is the impetus for the title of the book, you won't learn what he presents in Sunday School, Church Sermons or even in Bible College ... been there and done that.

If you can stand to reconsider your Christian faith, read the book! It will start you on a journey to look at your faith and scripture with fresh eyes, drawing you closer to the historical Jesus and his apostles.

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8 Responses to “West Shops”

  • Gay Woods says:

    As a former protestant: Lutheran baptized/United Church of Christ confirmed, I never heard the pastors of either church talk much to us members about opening the Bible. Has this changed in the last few years? I was "Protestant" for 19-20 years, and we were never told to have regular Bible studies! Is this unusual?

  • Eric Vinson says:

    For example at my church, the pastor a spoken against abortion several times, but never tells people who to vote for based on political views. He talks about Christians setting an example by being better stewards of the earths resources, but doesn't tell who to vote for on such issues.

  • Loraine Wiggins says:

    I've been an atheist for a very long time now, but I've never told my dad. It would crush him, because he says that those who don't believe in God will go to hell, and who wants their child to be damned for eternity? I've even suffered through church just to appease him, even though in my opinion, you may as well listen to some old man telling you about how real and powerful Harry Potter is. I respect his beliefs, but he does not respect the beliefs of others. He's also very, very homophobic; he's told me straight to my face that there is "no such thing as a gay Christian," and that he doesn't believe in gay marriage because it's "wrong in the eyes of the lord." So one can probably understand my predicament, seeing as how not only am I an atheist, but I've recently come to terms with the fact that I also happen to be gay. I don't plan on telling him for a while, and I don't live with him, so it isn't absolutely necessary for me to come out any time soon. I just really don't want to continue deceiving him, but I have no idea how to break it to him. Any advice?

  • Juana Workman says:

    I've been playing for years, and can play pretty well. How can I make money doing it? This is something my piano teacher never told me. I don't go to church, but people keep telling me to play for a church. What are other ways?

  • Javier Whitley says:

    I LOVE my mom to death because she's been there for me when I got sick and my kidneys failed. Everyone at my church knows im sick and im okay with that. Recently my kidney transplant failed and im back on dialysis so i've had this nasty habit of eating dirt, i've been trying stop only to end up eating it again. When I ended up in the hospital for something unrelated my sister confessed to my mom that i've been eating dirt and my mom ended up telling her friends and random people at our church. I'm SO pissed! I feel like no one has to know our personal business because i don't want pity and people to feel sorry for because im sick! I feel as though she takes advantage of my sickness so people will feel sorry for her. Im haitian american and haitians straight up judge you and look down you and think that they are better than you. I've told the nurses and social workers at my dialysis center that I crave and eat dirt but they never told people, "oh she eats dirt and she's nasty". I know they probably aren't supposed to say something but my little sister told because she probably thought it got me sick and landed in the hospital, but it was something completely different. I need HELP!

  • Salvador Salazar says:

    Spent most of the last several years dealing with a brother that served in the military and has post traumatic stress syndrome and paranoid schizophrenia. She never told you about this.

  • Randall Randolph says:

    I know its not very realistic it would happen in todays world, but what if a kid was raised normally besides the fact that there was no religious teachings. Like never being told about the bible or never had gone to church. Do you think that that kid would grow up to find religion on their own or just live life without religion?

  • Ila Butler says:

    I've been very curious about this. Being raised an Amercan Catholic we were never told of the real differences. Please help me clarify this. Serious anwers please. Let's be sane about this.

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