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Raven Trickster Pacific Northwest ebook

Raven Trickster Pacific Northwest ebook

7 of 7 people found the following review helpful

5.0 out of 5 stars

Fantastic book for children, and a wonderful story!, January 14, 1997

By A Customer

I bought this book on a whim for my daughter, as I am a
great fan of Native American mythology and beliefs. I
got it after a short wait, and looked through it.

The artwork is simply amazing; beatiful, detailed pictures
accompany each portion of the story.. Even the surprised
looks on the faces of people as Raven plays his trickster
games is done magnificently!

The story itself is well written. It's the basic and ancient
legend of how Raven stole the sun, but done very well, in
language that even young kids can understand. It's a fun
story to read, too, since you can make the book come alive
by adding a few of your own choice sound effects, and just
watch the look on your son or daughter's face...

But, best of all, children love it. When I first read it to
my four-year-old, her eyes lit up, she became completely
drawn into the story, and laughed and giggled as Raven did
his thing. She even demanded that I read it over again - a
rarity for my daughter, since she has a huge library of her
own now!

I'll buy anything else I can find from this author. He won
a Caldecott for this book, and small wonder; his work is
absolutely magnificent, and I recommend getting it in
hardcover because you'll wear the covers off a softcover
version! Enjoy it!

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  • Mallory Ratliff says:

  • Miguel Hardin says:

  • Daryl Davidson says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars

  • Denise Sparks says:

  • Maryellen Mueller says:

    The children in my Pre-K class cannot get enough of this book. The magic of the illustrations and the text has them mesmerized. Many times, when we have finished reading the story, they want to here it again!

  • Melanie Clemons says:

    7 of 7 people found the following review helpful

  • Billy Robbins says:

    I get antsy when Native American themes and stories appear in children's books. Too often they reek of cultural misappropriation. But this beautiful book--gorgeous watercolor backgrounds to the Northwest Native American-style imagery--feels respectful, and does a great telling of a favorite Tlingit Haida tale of how light came into the world. The illustration of the morphing of the Sky Chief's spoiled grandson back into Raven is particularly effective.And when Raven fills the sky with the sun in his beak, it's very easy to buy into this story as a valid creation myth. I've now bought three copies of this book for various pre-schoolers I know, and all my grown-up friensd who've seen this book have fallen in love with it, too. This is a definite winner, bound to become as classic in its own way as Robert McCloskey's ``Blueberries for Sal.''

  • Jeanine Duffy says:

    Fantastic book for children, and a wonderful story!, January 14, 1997

  • Eric Farley says:

  • Herbert Hebert says:

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