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Tightrope Southhill Sagas ebook

Tightrope Southhill Sagas ebook

I love that this book includes specifics on insulating old trailers and making them more energy-efficient. There are also some excellent examples of retrofitted trailers that don't even look like trailers anymore, and have given their residents decades of low-cost shelter while undergoing improvements. My husband and I live in a trailer on our own land and I've always been curious about the steps involved in making a trailer more permanent. I see people adding roofs and ports over their trailers, or putting on new walls, but I've never gotten an inside look at the process. If you're like me and you're wondering how to live better-- cheaply and comfortably-- on your own land, then this book offers detailed examples of people who are already doing it.I should mention that we were one of the families interviewed for the book. We're just starting out and constantly trying to decide whether we want to keep investing in the trailer or save for a new home construction. In the meantime, we're happy to have a great, cheap place to stay until we make that decision.

The book covers a pretty broad range of topics, but the inclusion of interviews gives some detail on local differences in laws and perceptions regarding trailers. The author mentions the benefits of stronger wall studs, sturdy flooring, and several insulating options. Understanding some of these basics can be helpful for those beginning their search for a trailer. There is even a short section on finding land. I don't entirely agree with the emphasis on choosing "ugly duckling" land because of lower prices, since title issues and legal access problems can be more costly than the money saved. Even so, she points out that prospective buyers have to know upfront what they are comfortable with and where to draw the line.

Practical advice aside, another thing I like about this book is that it addresses some of the stigmas and myths about trailer living. The social stigmas can be a big deterrent for a lot of people, especially for some who would benefit most from the cheaper, build-as-you-go opportunities a trailer provides. This book can be a great way for folks considering trailer living to share some of the upsides of the lifestyle with family members who are uneasy about your decision.

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    I loved this one! The main character Lizzie is so real you feel you know her personally and share in her anguish. And being a classic love triangle you know that both men can't win but it's difficult not to find yourself rooting for both of them.

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