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Claim Me A Novel ebook

Claim Me A Novel ebook

I've read all of Ms. Treasure's books, and this is my favorite. The main character Emily is feisty and strong, and a great woman who's doing well in what is traditionally a man's world. Having said that, I think she is incredibly high-and-mighty in how she looks down at city people- she seems to think anyone from the city is a selfish moron. However I think this was born out of the chracter's- and I assume the author's- deep love of the land. And honestly, from Emily's point of view, you can really see why she does hate some city people, and harbors anger at what they are doing not only to her own personal land, but to the countryside in general. I think Evie makes a good counter balance to Emily, though Evie was an extremely unrealistic character.

I really love the way the author made me feel like I was really there, in the Dargo High Country. Intact she's made me like it so much I fully intend to visit the high country. The deep love most of the characters have for farming is truly a joy for the reader to share, even if you don't usually like farming.

One "city girl" character I really did love was Bridie- she's confident, sassy and smart. There were also other chracter's in the novel who started out as loser's/ failures and really pulled themselves through some tough times to be better people.

Probably what I loved most was, again, Treasure's love for farming and the country- but particularly her political beliefs regarding cattle grazing in the high country of Victoria. Being a Victorian myself, I remember the huge debate over that issue, and how passionate the people on both sides were. I think Treasure has done an amazing job trying to show "city" people a farmer's side of the story, and for that I truly respect her.

Overall, I'd personally say that this book is definitely a stand-out novel in the rural-romance section. The storyline is dramatic but believable, there's a few interesting romances, and it's beautifully written. If you're new to rural-romance, start here!

I really hope Treasure writes more books! I've read them all a dozen times!

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  • Craig Saunders says:

    Already read fifty shades books, at the moment I am reading Bared To You by sylvia day and I also have on my iBook reflected in you by sylvia day, pleasures of the night by sylvia day, heat of the night by sylvia day, beautiful disaster by Jamie McGuire, the claiming of sleeping beauty by Annie rice , beauty's punishment by Annie rice and beauty's release by Annie rice ...

  • Johnny Hammond says:

    I've seen several ads on the interweb which claim that people can make money by creating and selling ebooks. Does anyone have any evidence or knowledge as to whether this is true, or is it just another online scam?

  • Keri Dickson says:

    I've heard great about both but never heard exactly why they claim theyre great. My birthday is around the corner and I would like to know which one is the better buy and why vs. the other. *Note* Im a reading fanatic and enjoy novels of all genres, magazines, newspapers, etc.

  • Helena Compton says:

    Where to download Free Ebook Download for The Nocturne by Jordan Scott???????

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