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Witch Wizard Battle Shadowland ebook

Witch Wizard Battle Shadowland ebook

Mr. Greg Deuble gave up his pastorate and spent 20 years researching answers to questions posed to him by Professor Anthony Buzzard ... tough questions about his belief structure. Deuble's search was not originally intended to be a book, just biblical answers for himself. However, as he shared his research work with others, everyone encouraged him to document it in a book. Eventually he did and this is the book.

The book is organized better than any other book I've read challenging religious traditions. Each chapter is so well written and documented that there is no need to even read them in order! The author does not bill this book as an academic book but his taking points are better documented than many academic books I have read on religious topics. His referenced citations are not intended to prove his points but intended to indicate that his radical views are not unique in Christendom. Many others have discovered that if Hebrew cultural definitions are applied to the New Testament and Christianity in general, one will develop a different faith from the common one most people know from attending typical churches. That is the impetus for the title of the book, you won't learn what he presents in Sunday School, Church Sermons or even in Bible College ... been there and done that.

If you can stand to reconsider your Christian faith, read the book! It will start you on a journey to look at your faith and scripture with fresh eyes, drawing you closer to the historical Jesus and his apostles.

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6 Responses to “West Shops”

  • Frances Patterson says:

    Loved the witch and wizzard books ...even though it was for young adalts I enjoyed these books. I love all of James Pattersons work

  • Deidre Branch says:

    What a series!!!! I love every one of these books!! You cannot go wrong with anything James Patterson has written... I'm learning that more and more w/ every book I read!!! I highly reccommend all of these books! Can't wait for Whit and Wisty's next big adventure!!

  • Tim Branch says:

    As usual......James Patterson blows me away with his creative mind! Felt like I was part of Wisty and Witt's family!!

  • Ladonna Morales says:

    Loved the whole series. I read them all in less then a week and a half. Can't wait for the next book to come out!

  • Aurora Acevedo says:

    I bought this book and it downloaded immediatly. I had no problems whatsoever. Its a great book those that have not read it should. and try the nook download i hear it works better.

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