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The Health Benefits Ribose All natural

The Health Benefits Ribose All natural

I picked up this book not knowing what to expect and read it all in one sitting. The story engages the reader from the first page on as we follow Katarina and Isabeau. Its a story filled with romance and action. The first half or so of the book focuses on the contrast between Katarina's relationship with Willi, who neglects her and sends her away to settle a debt, and Katarina's relationship with Herr Tucher, who she eventually grows to love. The first half also develops the story of the baby Isabeau and the growing threat to the child and sets an atmosphere of "Witch Trials" much like in "The Crucible" with Ralf accusing Katarina of resorting to black magic in order to "seduce" Herr Tucher. The book is filled with little philosophical nuggets about love, religion and hope. The writing style flows very well and in all, it's a great book.

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4 Responses to “West Shops”

  • Cora Solis says:

    I feel fatigued too much, not sure why. Could be adrenal fatigue or something else. Has anybody tried taking ribose supplements to boost energy? please share your experiences

  • Haley Guzman says:

    Hi I was just recently reading up on CFS and I realize now that I may very well have it. I have a lot of the symptoms... Fatigue all the time, horrible insomnia, waking up feeling awful and unrested, chronically depressed, muscle pains, flu sick feelings. I was wondering how are you being treated for it because right now im on Prozac for severe depression, social anxiety disorder, and OCD. I've heard that anti-depressants are supposed to help with this disorder so I was wondering what treatment are any of you on for this?

  • Edith Mcleod says:

    In order to be full of energy and be able to keep up the pace when the game is hot and when you are already tired from practice activities the days before.And I don't mean some forbidden substances...I mean vitamins/proteins/stuff :D Thank you!

  • Jana Wilkerson says:

    I know it's best to get the majority of your nutrients from food, but I also like to supplement with a good daily vitamin. I have usually used the one a day for women and I've also used the one a day weight-smart vitamin. Both have a tendency to make me feel sick if I don't eat with them and I think now they are making me feel sick even though I'm eating with them. I just don't think that is good for anyone!

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