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April M Reigns Vampire ebook

April M Reigns Vampire ebook

I love to cook, and I read a LOT of cookbooks. I read them like other people read novels. And I read every book on confectionery that I can get my hands on (there aren't alot, and most of them are of the Junior League variety--wonderful recipes, sometimes, but not a lot of information).

So I was delighted when sugarbaby showed up in my Amazon recommendations, and ordered it right away. I was hoping for a modern take on confectionery, and I was sure from other reviews that the book would be pretty. It's both of those things, and the two recipes I've tried so far (the matcha pastry cream and marshmallow fondant) were get-in-the-bowl-and-walk-around delicious.

What I didn't expect was the author's voice. She's funny. Actually laugh-out-loud funny. And very, very real. Just wonderful. I'm ordering her other book right now, just because I want to spend some more time with this amazing woman.

If you like to read cookbooks, buy this book!

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  • Dean Strong says:

    This box set of novellas and short stories are the beginnings of 3 different series in April M. Reign's catalog. You get 5 stories that add up to over 100,000 words, and they are all a great read. There are reviews of each series that are strong and they do leave a reader in anticipation of their follow-ups. The box set is a bargain, and I highly recommend it!

  • Genevieve Cash says:

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