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Enders World Perspectives Classic ebook

Enders World Perspectives Classic ebook

A.C.E.S. - Adult-Child Entitlement Syndrome, by Barbara Jaurequi, informs parents of more than just the steps necessary to facilitate independence of an adult-child residing in their home. A book suitable for reading by older-teens and adults, A.C.E.S. - Adult-Child Entitlement Syndrome, fully describes the problem of A.C.E.S. in families and addresses the issues that commonly lead to its development.
The book provides parents with valuable information about how to avoid and/or remedy many marital and adult-child-related problems. And, as the grabber at the top of the cover indicates, the book includes a step-by-step process that teaches A.C.E.S. parents how to compassionately mobilize their adult-children into the world of personal responsibility. Perhaps even more importantly, the book thoroughly teaches the process by which spouses can repair the damage A.C.E.S. has done to their marriages.
Well-written, concise and easy-to-read, A.C.E.S. - Adult-Child Entitlement Syndrome contains information that every parent and married couple can learn from.

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