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Rusty Nail Jacqueline Daniels mystery

Rusty Nail Jacqueline Daniels mystery

Just wanted to write and say thank you to Mr Konrath for entertaining me for the last few years. Jack Daniels is one of the freshest characters to hit print in a long time. Until Whiskey Sour, in order to get mystery in the same package as humor, you had to settle for Evanovich. Don't get me wrong -- I still love Evanovich when I'm in the mood for some brain candy, but it is a bit unfulfilling.

Jack brings me the suspense and terror of Thomas Harris with the intelligent, twisted humor of the Farrelly Brothers. On top of it all, being an ex-Chicagoan, I get to visit home with Jack. Also in favor of the books, my wife, the lifelong South Side Chicagoan, actually got physically ill during one of the scenes in Rusty Nail. Now THAT is good entertainment.

If you haven't already done it, do yourself a favor and buy all of Konrath's work. You won't be disappointed . . . unless, of course, you are a no-humor stiff. Even then, at least Konrath will have a bit more money to go towards entertaining me.

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  • Sidney Stevens says:

    I like fantasty book like Eragon,Harry potter wAs ok,right now I'm reading odd thomas so far it's really good anyway I also liked the whole Artemis fowl series and I need a book to read while I wait for the last eragon book to come out but any book that will grab my attention will work like mysteries just fiction that's all I ask

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