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Home Run A Novel ebook

Home Run A Novel ebook

As a youngster Cory Brand was at his father's mercy. During his father's drunken rages he'd pitch baseballs at Cory, and Cory learned to hit or be hit, a vicious game his father played. Cory's first love was baseball, and he was unwavering in his quest to become a major league baseball player. Leaving his hometown and his pregnant girlfriend behind, Cory Brand made a big name for himself. What he hadn't counted on was the loneliness he'd encounter off the field. On the field he was everyone's hero, but when alone he couldn't ease the emptiness he experienced. He attempted to fill the void with beautiful women and booze, and alcohol became his best friend. A bad move on the field got him suspended from the team and back in his hometown, relegated to an 8-week 12-step program of recovery from his alcohol addiction, and coaching Little League baseball. His goal was to steamroll through the 8 weeks and get himself back in the spotlight.

Finding himself in a vulnerable place back in his hometown where the ghosts of his past haunted him, Cory walked the walk to his Celebrate Recovery meetings, and spent his free time drinking himself into oblivion back in his hotel room. To Cory's surprise he was sharing coaching responsibilities for his hometown Little League team with his ex-girlfriend, Emma. Cory was a hometown hero, but Emma didn't share the same feelings she once had for him. Her life had moved forward into a happy marriage and the birth of her son, Tyler. Ten years of happiness ended abruptly when her husband was killed while serving in the military. Still raw with grief Emma wasn't comfortable coaching her team with Cory Brand, big shot who was addicted to alcohol. The past was still too painful. As Cory attempted to fake his way through the battle with his demons his life was slipping further and further into the pit of despair.

Travis Thrasher has written a powerful story of the suffering that accompanies addiction, and the battle to overcome the despair through seeking God's redemption and healing. Numerous struggles are encountered by the characters in this story, and Mr. Thrasher has developed very strong and realistic characterizations made believable by the personal battles encountered throughout this book. Home Run delivers a strong message of the ability to overcome the affects of addiction in all its shapes and forms through the power of faith, love and redemption.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book through the Readers Only Group at and David C. Cook Publishing in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own. No monetary compensation was received as a result of my review. Thank you to Fred St Laurent, and David C. Cook Publishing.

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