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Kabul Beauty School American Behind

Kabul Beauty School American Behind

Debbie Rodriguez went to Afghanistan in 2001 originally as part of a humanitarian group. In Kabul she soon became sought after for her hairdressing background, which gave her the idea of opening a beauty school for local women whose new skills would enable them to earn additional income for their families. The struggle to find funding for the school, in addition to all of the cultural and political hoops to jump through in Afghanistan itself make for a fascinating story. At the end I found myself wanting to know more about what happened afterward, about Debbie's Afghan husband, their life there, etc.

That said, I fervently regret reading a more recent news article before writing my review as it has dampened my enthusiasm for the book somewhat. As of June 2007, Debbie has apparently left Afghanistan and her husband for good, and many of her former students fear for their lives since the book's publication. It was a great story, but I now wonder if some of the book's resolutions weren't quite as rosy as suggested.

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3 Responses to “West Shops”

  • Millicent Schroeder says:

    please help asap!

  • Sheri Good says:

    Muslim girls/women, books by or about Muslim female jounalists, sex life of Muslim females, any books on Muslim females modern /contemporary.

  • Audrey Mcintosh says:

    I have just finished reading The blood of flowers and it was a great book, now i am hungry for something more, please suggest a great read....i especially like non fiction thanx..

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