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Great Book for starters in Project Management

Successful Project Management Microsoft 2010

Successful Project Management Microsoft 2010

In this 16 chapter, 96 page book, sprinkled with illustrations every 10 pages, the story centers around a boy named George who survives the Titanic.

My 9 year old son is not taking to reading like I hoped he would and this series of books in the 4.0 AR zone area have been the only ones that he really loves to read with a passion. The author obviously know how to get boys attention and hold it...action, action, action, with characters boys can easily relate to.

My son really cares about the 'George' and it brings the Titanic tragedy to life for him.

I hope the author keeps writing and if she needs any ideas, I have many and would be glad to help keep this series alive, because this is a wonderful thing for boys to have. If she doesn't keep writing, I may start because this format/subject/writing style, strikes the perfect chords for my son to get on the reading train. Thank you.

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