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Killiney Ravenna Evans Series ebook

Killiney Ravenna Evans Series ebook

I loved this book. I think that Ravenna was a little neive and Paul was very troubled, but she helped him "see the light" eventually. The budding romance between the two was great. I personally would have progressed things along with Paul a little if I were Ravenna, take the initiative so to speak. Otherwise, this book was Wonderful!!

When Paul was presumed "dead," I felt Ravenna's grief. I wasn't ready for something to happen to Paul. They were just getting started in there romance/relationship, even though she was pregnant with his child. Because of Christian's actions, Paul was not there for Ravenna and his son.

The relationship between Ravenna and Christian was very emotional. When he hit her and was intending to rape her, I felt like I wanted to hurt him myself for even thinking to do that to Ravenna. He knew before hand that she didn't love him or want to marry him. He knew her heart belonged to Paul.

When Christian received the third letter from Paul, my thoughts were, "He's going to get what's comning to him. Paul is alive and coming to claim his 'Sweetheart'." Christian was delusional to think he could make someone love him.

I was glad that Ravenna "stuck to her guns" and kept wishing that Paul was still out there. She was never truely a wife to Christian, she stayed true to Paul.

I would definitely recommend this book!

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9 Responses to “West Shops”

  • Ramon Horton says:

    Loved this book. It kept me wanting to read more. I couldn't put it down. I can't wait to read another of hers.

  • Arthur Contreras says:

    I enjoy this book very much it was sad it was a very good love story that took many years to get it right

  • Ronald Wilson says:

    I really liked this book a lot. I will be looking into getting the other books from this series. Its a good read.

  • Rhoda Johnson says:

    This was one of the best books I have ever read. This book give you everything you want out of a book. Like, love, passion, happiness, sorrow, and drama. Love this book.

  • Sadie Burks says:

    This book is incredible! I read a lot, probably 6 to 10 books a week and this is the first time I have felt compelled to write a review.

    Let me start by saying when I was first starting this book I was only expecting it to be so-so. I just needed something to read and it was free. Wow was I wrong! The storyline was amazing. The writer took the subject of reincarnation, something that doesn't appeal to me, and made it incredible. I loved how Ravenna was in love with Paul, I felt her torment of trying to convince him of their love and him not believing in her. I loved how this is a love story wrapped up in history as well. I always enjoy when someone can take a historic event and give it a new twist.

    I felt her torment is trying to recover from Paul's "death" and her struggle in trying to do that while being with Christian. I wanted to strangle Christian most of the time, but I also felt sorry for him. Loving someone that may never love you back and how it was slowly destroying him emotionally.

    I would recomend this book to anyone, it will keep you wrapped up in it from start to finish!

  • George Gomez says:

    Loved the story. It was a great time travel book. I found myself wondering if I could solve some of the mystery of my own life by being able to go to the past. If you like time travel romance this is the book for you. You will cry you will hope for love and it will keep you guessing.

  • Erik Gaines says:

    What an amazing story. The more I got into the story, the more I loved it. At times I felt that Ravenna was a little naive for a 27 year old woman from the 21st century and Paul was too tortured for his own good, but it made for a wonderful build-up. Wow, that man sure had self control. The main characters came to life; I wanted to be cuddled by Paul, I wanted to strangle Christian and Vancouver, and for a while I wanted to slap Paul upside his stubborn head. I felt Ravenna's frustration, and later on I shed a few tears for her grief. Every time the story progressed and I was left with questions, the answers were given later on.

    This is like no romance I've read before. I loved it and am going to be buying the next in the series because even though the story ended, I was left with wanting more.

  • Roxie Joyner says:

    It's been a long time since I've enjoyed a book as much as this one. I am not a fan of time-travel books since there's usually things that don't make sense to me, and if I work too hard trying to make sense of them I get a headache. So I make it a point to not try to think about the time-travel thing and just get swept along with the adventure and romance. There were spots where things seemed to drag along just too long, but since I was so engrossed, I really didn't mind when things slowed down. I found it interesting that the previous incarnations of the protagonists had such different personalities and attitudes than their modern counterparts. Although I couldn't care a fig for 18th century Elizabeth and Paul, they were drips, I found myself liking 20th century Ravenna and Paul very much. They both seemed to be such hurt, lost, and confused people who seemed to deserve better than what life had thus far handed them, so I was left hoping their futures would be so much better than their pasts and presents.

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