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Little White Random Romance ebook

Little White Random Romance ebook

Written by Tash M
Originally posted on confessionsfromromaholics dot com (NOT FULL REVIEW)
ARC provided kindly by Random House Australia

One Little White Lie is Loretta Hills' first novella and something different from her contemporary rural locations as this one is set in the city and features a heroine who is broke and looking for Prince Charming. The heroine of this book, Kate Dreson, is at her wit's end. Her best friend, Lisa, keeps trying to play matchmaker as Lisa is happily engaged and only wants the best for Kate. The only hitch is Lisa is setting her up with guys she has only met the previous day. Lisa is trying to be helpful as any best friend should as Kate has closed her heart off to men after a disastrous relationship with a guy named Mark who she was engaged to for two years. Mark was never faithful to her and she only discovered it one night when she intercepted his text message on his phone and discovered his secrets.

Fast forward to the present where Kate has just finished another blind date with one of these guys she has been set up with, who turns out to be one of those cheesy hook ups so she makes an escape to her friends. They happen to be at a club, she nearly trips into a guy and he steadies her but she doesn't give him notice and is soon giving Lisa an earful about her latest choice. Lisa swears she just wants the best for Kate saying she has another guy in mind, but Kate decides to take matters into her own hands.

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