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Found Missing The ebook

Found Missing The ebook

Wow! Found is a fast-paced and riveting beginning to a new series by Margaret Peterson Haddix, author of popular YA books such as Running Out of Time, Among the Hidden (Shadow Children #1), and Turnabout. I guess that, considering the title and the picture of the airplane on the front cover, comparing it to the TV show LOST was inevitable -- but I have to say that the prologue of this novel made my hair stand on end, just like the pilot episode of that show.

A plane lands at an airport. Nothing strange about that, surely, except that according to air traffic control, there was no plane. Still, airport employee Angela DuPre sees it with her own eyes, and when there is no one at the gate to open the connecting doors, she does it herself. Looking down at the plane, she sees that the cockpit is dark. No passengers or crew deplane, but a small whimpering sound draws Angela down the ramp and into the fuselage of the plane ...

What she finds in the plane is a shock -- and links directly to adopted teenager Jonah Skidmore receiving some anonymous and creepy letters thirteen years later.

YA readers of science fiction and mystery -- especially fans of Haddix's previous novels -- will not be disappointed in this novel. Adults will find the quick-witted action of the teenage protagonists a little hard to swallow at times, but suspend your disbelief and enjoy the ride. You might think you know where you're going ... but you'll be surprised in the end. The book ends with a prerequisite cliff-hanger ending, unfortunately, leaving us all to wait impatiently for the next installment.

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7 Responses to “West Shops”

  • Ryan Valenzuela says:

    I recently updated to Galaxy s3. My prior phone I had a my documents folder where I could put pdf files and epub files and either open them up in kindle or nook. I don't see a my documents on my phone anywhere looking in the file manager, and trying to put them in the nook and kindle directories both apps don't find the files. So just wondering where I have to put these files so that kindle and nook will see them?

  • Maurice Wooten says:

    I have been searching and trying to find what is the earliest novel in Star Wars time "BBY" called? The Lost Tribe of the Sith series takes place 5000 BBY this is the earliest I can find. Is there earlier ones? And any where there is a chronological timeline of Star Wars books?

  • Gene Stout says:

    I have sold a few personal items on ebay and found it good fun. I'm a student and I need some extra cash, so I was thinking of buying something to regularly resell on ebay. What kind of items will sell with good profit, that are not the same as what everyone else is selling, yet are popular? Is there anything you can never find on ebay that you think there is a lack of?

  • Angelique Stephens says:

    I have an iPod Touch and want to know where I can find free ebooks for it. They can be in any format cause I can just convert them to the epub format. I want several books by Margaret Peterson Haddix including The Shadow Children Series and The Missing Series. I also would like to find some Goosebumps books for my iPod. Thanks for your help!

  • Darryl Crawford says:

    I have read several types of books so far and i want to keep on reading more books. So i want to find out what other books are available that are similar or have sort of a similar theme to the books I've read so far. Are there any websites that will recommend books for me depending on the books that I've read so far?

  • Ebony Schwartz says:

    My friend is sexually active, and recently realized it has been more than a month since her last period. So I took her to the clinic to pick up a pregnancy test and they told her it is 99% accurate 3-4 days after your missed period. It was 52 days after she had gotten her last period when she took the test, and it came up as negative. She also does not have regular periods, and does not normally keep track of them. Will the test still be accurate for her so long after her missed period? If not what should she do? Also, she still feels as though she has symptoms of pregnancy, and hasn't gotten her period yet.

  • Steven Deleon says:

    The Russian libraries for Kindle (and all of the other e-readers) are very small. I can't seem to find any of the books I want to read. For example, I want to read Master and Margarita in Russian (Ма́стер и Маргари́та), but I can't find it anywhere. Help!

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